Mary's Reviews

(The Parent Guidebook) Concise, interesting, and especially useful for pregnant and young mothers… both educational and entertaining. I highly recommend it.

– Nancy L. Morgridge, MA, NCC, LPC

(The Parent Guidebook) Mary Seger shares wonderful words of wisdom that she has gained through her own experiences as a mother, grandmother, and nurse practitioner. … It’s the instruction book that you always wished you had, one that I will share with the men and women that I counsel.

– Pamela M. Morgridge, MA, LLPC, CAADC

(The Parent Guidebook) Fun, easy-to-remember, and reflective of ‘lived experience.’ A GREAT book for new moms or moms-to-be.

– Lyn Behnke, MSN, FNPBC, CAFCI

(Invite Joy Into Your Life) …. a book for every woman who wants to feel the fire of life again. Could have been titled The Manual for Life. An inspiring piece of work that lingers in your consciousness long after you close its covers!

– Dr. M. Teri Daunter, author of The Spiritual Dance of Life

(Invite Joy Into Your Life) In this positively fantastic guidebook, Mary Seger has clearly illuminated powerful reminders for remembering your divinity. If you do even five of these steps, you will be flooded and transformed by the sheer joy of living.

– Jennifer Louden, author of the Comfort Book series