Happy Mother’s, Grandmother’s, Aunt’s Day!

Facebook Contest #4 ~ May 10 to May 16

Go to My Facebook Page and write about your favorite Mother’s Day celebration or stories of mom, grandma, aunt, daughter… The prize for this week is The Parent GuidebookThe TWO winners are chosen by the comment with the most likes, and my personal favorite.

I am writing a blog for the publicity campaign for my new book, The Parent Guidebook. A couple of the questions I address follow:

Q: Mother’s Day is so important, how can we guarantee a stress-free day?

A: I have found over the years, people (husbands and children) cannot read minds.  To reduce stress, determine what you would like to do on your day and let your family know.  Writing your plan down can be even more helpful.  Suggestions might include extra sleep, the foods you would like to eat, the activities you would like to do, or perhaps a gift.  How do you want to celebrate your day?

Q: Any advice for dad on this important day?

A: If mom has not made a plan, ask her what she would like to do.  If she appears frazzled, consider what she might like or ask direct questions.  Write down her requests, and then make it happen. Sleeping in would be wonderful for most.  Keep the kids quiet or take them out for breakfast.  When you return provide her with her breakfast of choice.  Gifts?  If she has no idea what she would like, consider flowers, a gift certificate to your local bookstore, boutique, craft store or TJ Maxx.  Jewelry is always a lovely gift.  What will the activity be for the day or will she prefer to rest? Dinner… what is her favorite meal?  You are in charge of cooking, cleaning up, takeout or reservations.  Make Mother’s Day special for the mother of your children. She will greatly appreciate it.

The Art of Mothering

Bringing up a child with care and affection; offering care and affection to another

Consider who has mothered you over the years.  Take some time to revel in the love given so freely.  As Mother’s Day approaches, you may want to call them or send them a note.  Consider how you can pass the art of mothering to others in your life, offering care and affection, especially during the trials and tribulations of life.  Finally, how can you mother yourself, offering care and affection to you?  Take time this week to honor the mothers in your life, those you have mothered, and offer a little care and affection to yourself.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Till next time ~ Mary


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