Traditions:  The handing down of statements, beliefs, legends, customs, information, etc. from generation-to-generation, especially by word of mouth or by practice.


Contest #4 ~ May 3 to May 9

Go to My Facebook Page and write about your traditions. Pictures are welcome! The prize for this week is the Joy! Tote. The TWO winners are chosen by the comment with the most likes, and my personal favorite.


It’s the first of May.  Summer is coming!  What summer traditions will you be doing this year?

Guideline #44 in my new book The Parent Guidebook is Start Traditions.  What do you remember from your childhood? The gifts you received or the traditions – time spent with loved ones in various activities and the feelings that came with the activities?  Before summer arrives, take some time to contemplate the traditions in your life or consider starting new traditions.

Consider all the aspects of the definition of the word traditions.  I love the aspect of handing down traditions from generation-to-generation by word of mouth or practice.  This means spending time with your family in conversation or doing activities.  Guideline #25 from my book is Turn off the TVand go do something.  What is it you would like to pass down to the next generation? 

I recently had a conversation with an amazing woman who is celebrating her 65th birthday this year. This woman is a dynamo, always into some new activity and has me laughing out loud with stories from her life.  Her brother recently died.  She has been thinking about how he lived his life and how she wants to live hers. She spoke of starting a journal about herself to pass on to her children and grandchildren so they will know who she was.  I wish my grandma had done that. I carry the love she so freely gave but know little of her life.  I am considering starting a journal myself.

Are there statements passed down to you, or statements you are passing down?  I shared one from my dad with my daughter the other day.  She is in the topsy, turvey time of new mom, college student and waitress.  I told her I remember my dad saying everything will be okay.  It always works out one way or the other.  She agreed.  I remember the feeling with his words.  It would cause me to take a breath and then know it would be okay.  Today, I see the truth behind those words even more clearly, and again, a deep breath, knowing it will be okay. 

What are the beliefs you grew up with and what beliefs are you instilling in your children?  My dad instilled in us the belief ~ you can do it.  I remember his patience teaching me various activities – to swim, sail, ride a bike, ski.  I vaguely remember but am very sure there was a lot of whining going on during the process since, for me a good book and a comfortable chair was my idea of a good time. I do remember the thrill of finally getting it … staying upright on the water skis, bike and snow skis and sailing across the lake by myself. 

What legends do you carry in your family?   The one that comes to mind from my family is about my grandma.  My grandma, as a baby, was coming to America.  She was supposed to come across on the Titanic but did not.  Thus, I am here today.

What are the customs of your family?  This is what I think of when I think of traditions:  What are the activities you do on an annual, seasonal basis? What customs would you like to begin?  My favorite tradition with Stephanie is baking Christmas cookies. We come from a long line of bakers and a family who has a very large sweet tooth.  I grew up with a love of travel and have passed this on to my daughter.  There is little I love more than planning my next trip.  Bill and I, in our new marriage, are enjoying reflecting on what traditions we would like to have as a couple, a family, and most fun of all, grandparents.  In our reflections it has been interesting to consider what traditions we do want and what traditions we may not want.

Just because something is traditional is no reason to do it, of course

~Lemony Snicket The Blank Book


Your child is watching you, and she will mimic what you do

~Mary B Seger The Parent Guidebook



  • Happy May!  Summer is coming!  I am enjoying reflecting on how I would like my summer to be.  Do I want to plant an herb garden, which I did not do so well at harvesting the last time or plant pansies which remind me of my grandparents?
  • I appreciate the mutual love Bill and I have for music and being outdoors.  We look forward to passing this love on to our granddaughter.
  • I am grateful for my dad’s perseverance, through all my whining, in passing down his love of the outdoors to me.  There is little I love more than being on my bike, swimming, sailing and skiing down the hill.  I also love a good book.


Till next time ~ Mary

 Mary’s Musings are a random thought. It may be a quote, a question, an idea, or something happening in the world. Enjoy a moment to yourself and contemplate this thought. Ask yourself how it feels and where it leads. Breathe . . . and see where her musings take you.


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