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Mary on the Radio, February 2012

Cholesterol Medications and Diabetes Risk in Women

  • Statin drugs used to lower cholesterol increase the risk of diabetes in women by 48% (Reported in Archives of Internal MedicineJanuary 9, 2012
  • Drugs used in the study: Simvastatin, Lovastatin, Pravastatin, Fluvastatin, Atorvastatin. “Class affect” meaning it occurred with all statin drugs
  • Reason unknown

Heart Disease

Heart disease may be atrial fibrillation, heart attack, stent, bypass, angina (chest pain), arrhythmia, congestive heart failure or valve disease.

What to do?

  • DO NOT stop taking your medication until you talk to your healthcare provider
  • If you have heart disease, you need to continue cholesterol medication
  • Determine your risk factors for heart disease: smoking, high LDL, low HDL (45 in men, 50 in women), high blood pressure, physical inactivity, obesity, diabetes, high CRP, stress/anger, family history
  • It is NOT an option to stop medication and do nothing

Lifestyle Modifications and Supplements

  • For women to reduce the LDL, which is what the statin drug treats, reduce carbohydrate intake and eat a protein breakfast before caffeine
  • Exercise: Aerobic and weight training
  • Pharmaceutical grade Red Yeast 1200 mg two times per day, reduces LDL
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids, EPA + DHA 1000 to 2000 mg per day, reduces triglycerides
  • If you continue the cholesterol medication, take CoQ10 100 mg per day
  • Stop smoking
  • Reduce stress
  • Look at family history; twin studies show 30% genetic and 70% environment


Mary on the Radio, January 2012

Happy New Year with the Five Es

Encouragement ~ Who, what, where, why and how; use WoW - Words of Wonder to district your thinking

Enlightenment ~ Where do you find peace prayer, meditation, daily spiritual reading, in nature

Enjoyment ~ What do you enjoy doing? If you are making changes in your life and giving up your favorite drug of choice you need to find fun in other ways

Exercise ~ Daily! Just do it! Begin with five minutes per day, dance to a song, get on the treadmill, go for a walk. Multitask while exercising plan your day, worry over a problem, say a prayer

Eat Healthy ~ Protein breakfast within one hour after getting up BEFORE caffeine. Protein at each meal meat, nuts, seeds, cheese, eggs, whey protein; lots of veggies except white potatoes, corn and peas; berries and apples one to two servings per day, measure

Make a commitment to yourself

Show up on a daily basis

Write your goals and review them daily, weekly and monthly

Mary on the Radio, December 2011

The Ten Days Before Christmas

Every day provides its own gifts
~ Marcus Aurelius
Happy Holidays to one and all! How are you doing? Are you having fun? Are you stressed? I remember one year a friend was considering starting a petition to cancel Christmas. Bah Humbug!

On a lighter note: It is ten days before Christmas. Consider taking time to give yourself a gift on each day. I want you to reflect on how you can fill your cup. If you are running around like a crazy person, your cup is empty. Giving from an empty cup is never good. It usually means there is yelling, crying, gnashing of teeth, maybe even some pouting and whining. Your job, if you choose to accept it, is to fill your cup over the next ten days and then have a very Merry Christmas!

On the tenth day before Christmas I choose to give to myself the gift of sending a blessing to a loved one. I will do this by lighting a candle and saying a prayer. Every time I see the lit candle I will stop and send the blessing again. Thank you to Joann Fury for this suggestion.

On the ninth day before Christmas I choose to give myself the gift of a present. Put yourself on your gift list. You deserve a present. It doesn’t have to be expensive or it can be expensive, whatever you choose. Take some time to wander through the stores and indulge yourself in something wonderful. You may even wrap it up and put it under the tree. You can tell your family it is a gift from me to me or you may say it is from your Secret Santa.

On the eighth day before Christmas I choose to give myself the gift of music. I love Christmas music. Johnny Mathis and Bing Crosby take me back to my childhood days. Who is your favorite singer at Christmas time? Light the Christmas tree or a candle, get comfy in your chair, turn on the music and really listen. Let the music fill your heart and soul with joy.

On the seventh day before Christmas I choose to give to myself the gift of a movie. I love going to movies. The expansiveness of the screen takes me away for a glorious two hours. Last night I watched It’s a Wonderful Life. I always end up with a tear in my eye and a full heart. I also love White Christmas and Holiday Inn. If you have not seen The Blind Side, I would strongly recommend it. It makes you laugh, it makes you cry, and it lets you know the world is a good place.

On the sixth day before Christmas I choose to give myself or another, the gift of tenderness. The holiday season can be difficult for many and maybe even for you. Cheryl Richardson’s Tenderness card from her Self Care Cards ~ A 52 Card Deck says, Speak gently to yourself ~ Cherish the child within.  Take some time to sooth the little lost child within yourself or within another.

On the fifth day before Christmas, I choose to give myself the gift of pleasure. I want you to take at least 20 minutes to indulge in a pleasurable activity. Suggestions ~ a cup of coffee, read a book or magazine, take a bath, rest, go for a walk, call a friend, craft… Your choice!

On the fourth day before Christmas I choose to give myself the gift of surrender. It is as it is. This may not seem like a gift but it is the most powerful gift you can give yourself. As you release your desire to have things differently, let the tears flow. Feel your pain or anger. It may help to journal. Walking can also move the emotions out of your body. When you are ready to release the pain, let it go. Take a deep breath and fill the empty space with what you are grateful for. Write your blessings down. When the pain returns, stop, breathe, release, and focus on your blessings.

The past is gone, the world’s a good place,
and it’s all gonna be okay.

~ Michael from The Blind Side
On the third day before Christmas I choose to give myself the gift of silence. If you have to get up early or stay up late, take some time to find 10 minutes of silence. Light the Christmas tree, light a candle, get comfy in your chair and take a deep breath. Take another breath and listen. Peace and quiet. Can you feel it filling your soul?

On the second day before Christmas I choose to give myself the gift of thankfulness. Contemplate who has influenced your life this past year. Send them a handwritten, in the mail, thank you note.

On the day before Christmas I choose to give myself the gift of the Present Moment. It is Christmas Eve. Find an activity you enjoy and be in the moment. Use all your senses to make a memory. See it, hear it, smell it, touch it and taste it. Fill your soul with the gift of the present.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May you find the special gifts, each day, during this Holiday Season ~ Mary

Supplement Recommendations to
help you through the Holidays
MultiVitaminB ComplexVitamin D 3 (2000 IU per day); Adrene Vive (for energy); Bach Rescue Remedy
(4 drops under your tongue, hold in your mouth and repeat every 20 minutes to reduce anxiety);
See for pharmaceutical supplements.

Mary on the Radio, November 2011

Health News

Dietary Supplements and Mortality Rate in Older Women ~ Archives of Internal Medicine

  • Calcium decreased risk
  • Iron increased risk

Studies continue to be mixed. Do not take iron unless you have had your blood checked. High iron levels cause heart disease. My recommendation:

Bedtime Dosing of Antihypertensive Medications Reduces Cardiovascular Risk in CKD ~ Journal of the American Society of Nephrologists

Results of taking your blood pressure medication at night were better blood pressure control and one-third of the cardiovascular events compared to daytime dosing. Cardiovascular events included chest pain, stroke, and heart attack. My recommendation: take your blood pressure medication at night except a diuretic (water pill).

Fatigue Reducing Strategies during an Exhausting Time of the Year

  • Energizing your Cells Important for ATP synthesis
  • L-Carnitine Tartrate 500 mg two times per day
  • D-Ribose 1-2 teaspoons per day
  • Adrenal Function increased stress leads to increased release of cortisol from the adrenal glands. This leads to weight gain, fatigue, and over reaction to stress.
  • Saliva Test Mary B. Seger NP PhD Otsego Memorial Hospital 989.791.7871
  • AdreneVive one capsule, take one to two per day
  • The Bs – tend to get burned up with stress Ortho B Complex 1-2 per day; Vitamin B12 with Folic Acid one per day
  • Vitamin D3 2000 IU per day for Seasonal Affective Disorder


 Mary on the Radio, October 2011

Breast Cancer ~ Breast Health

2011 US Statistic Estimates by the American Cancer Society

  • 230,000 new cases of invasive cancer
  • 57,650 new cases of in situ cancer non-invasive, earliest form
  • 39,520 breast cancer deaths

Facts: There is currently a decrease in estrogen negative tumors and an increase in estrogen positive tumors. Estrogen negative tumors are harder to treat and have increased mortality. Not sure why the increase in estrogen + cancers, may be related to insulin resistance.

About 20-30 percent of women diagnosed with breast cancer have a family history of breast cancer.


  • Diet Reduce carbohydrates in your diet to reduce insulin resistance; increase protein and vegetables especially cruciferous broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale; berries for anti-oxidant activity
  • Exercise just do it!
  • Saliva Test for levels of estrogen in your body
  • Stress reduction what is your biggest stressor and how can you begin to reduce the effects it has on your life


  • Multi Vitamin
  • B Complex 50-100 mg per day, may get blood test for B12 and folic acid and add supplemental extra dose with B Complex
  • DIM 200-300 mg per day
  • Vitamin D 3 2000 IU per day
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids 1000-2000 mg per day
  • Melatonin 1-2 mg suggest saliva test to find out if you need it. Too much melatonin can increase carbohydrate cravings
  • Soluble Fiber reduced estrogen + tumors. Take a mixed fiber product for good health
  • Flaxseed is a plant estrogen begin with 1 tsp, ground, daily and gradually increase to ¼ cup. Mix with protein shake, water, cottage cheese or sprinkle on salad. Do not use pre-ground.

See for pharmaceutical grade supplements

Consult for Saliva Testing – Mary B Seger NP PhD – Otsego Memorial Hospital Internal Medicine office 731-7870

I will be giving a presentation on breast cancer for The Zonta Club of Gaylord Area at their Breast Cancer Awareness Event at Saturn Booksellers on Thursday October 27th – 5:30-6:30 pm.

Mary on the Radio, September 2011

 National Recovery Month

September 2011
Prevention Works ~ Treatment is Effective ~ People Recover
This year’s theme is Join the Voices for Recovery:
Recovery Benefits for Everyone

Father Edward Reading, a priest of the Archdiocese of Newark, New Jersey, and licensed addictions counselor, said that of ten people in a church pew, statistics show two are in need of treatment of addiction and four more are living or working with an addict. ~The Catholic Weekly.
Feeling stuffers are actions or substances that you use to not feel. In other words, they are addictions. You are using a feeling stuffer when you say “I deserve this and then enjoy whatever this is while you are doing it; but later wish you hadn’t. ~Mary B Seger,Invite Joy into Your Life

Feeling stuffers include: cigarettes, alcohol, drugs (legal and illegal), food, shopping, sex, gambling, work, taking care of others, or anything which brings pleasure in the moment and pain later on.

The CAGE Questionnaire - The four simple questions are Have you ever?

  1. Felt the need to cut down on your drinking (smoking, drugs, food, sex, shopping, gambling)
  2. Felt annoyed by criticism of your drinking
  3. Had guilty feelings about drinking
  4. Taken a morning eye opener to steady your nerves or get rid of a hangover

If you answer yes to two or more questions, there is a problem. Be honest with yourself.

Cause – The Pleasure Principle

  • Dopamine receptors, when full, bring pleasure. Your substance of choice fills those receptors.
  • Memories of previous pleasure are stored in your brain and can be triggered, leading you back down the path of addiction.
  • Environmental/Genetic

Treatment The Five E’s – Encouragement, Enlightenment, Enjoyment, Exercise, Eat Healthy ~ See my website for an explanation of the 5 E’s.

  • Second Annual Making Change Event Guardian Gals Oct 1, 2011 - Exercise
  • Prayer Shawl Meeting, Catholic Church, Second Wednesday, 7:00 pm, Meeting Room 1 - Enjoyment in creativity
  • Go to Radiant Recovery for carbohydrate addiction
  • For Christ-centered courses, free of charge, for help with over-eating, substance abuse, gambling, smoking and more in an interactive, online 60-day course – Catholic Human Services

Kelly Daunter – Old Town Psychological Services (989.448.8344) mindfulness approach to smoking cessation beginning in January 2012, currently offers counseling services in Gaylord

If you are saying something is not possible,
what you are really saying is, I don’t want it

~Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

Mary on the Radio, August 2011

Health News and Tips

  • Tylenol/Acetaminophen maximum dose changed from 4000 mg per day to 3000 mg per day to reduce the incidence of overdose, which can lead to liver failure. Read labels and talk with your pharmacist. Tylenol is found in pain medications such as Vicodin and Percocet, Nyquil and some Sudafed products. Just because you can buy it over the counter does not mean it is safe to use.
  • Antidepressant medications ~ Studies have shown medication is equal in effectiveness to counseling, exercise and placebo for mild-to-moderate depression. It is effective in severe depression. Do not stop your medication until you talk with your primary healthcare provider.
  • TV is bad for your health. Two hours per day is acceptable, but when compared to 3-to-5 hours of TV watching, premature death is 13 percent more likely, diabetes risk in increased by 20 percent, heart disease by 15 percent. Get outside and play!
  • Dr Oz – World of Wellness ~ In Japan they eat until they are 80 percent full. A serving size for you, for a meal, is the amount you can cup in your hands. In Russia they use Rhodiola, an adaptogenic herb, which increases energy and healing in the body. In Greece they take naps. A study showed there is a 37 percent lower risk of heart disease by taking three naps per week for 30 minutes.
  • Other thoughts from Dr Oz ~ Eat eggs, especially the yolk which contains vitamins and choline brain food; sleep; eat your veggies; exercise; take a multivitamin, vitamin D3, calcium, and magnesium.
  • Eat Breakfast
  • Laugh – it increases your immune system and endorphins which decreases depression. Children laugh 400 times per day; adults 15.

Recommended Pharmaceutical Grade products from

Orthomolecular AdreneVive contains 3 adaptogenic herbs which help bring the body back into balance, increase energy and focus. They help treat adrenal fatigue which is caused by too much stress! Dose is one in am, may take one at noon. Side effect too much energy!

  • Ashwaganda an adaptogenic herb that helps with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue
  • Skullcap Root calming herb
  • Siberian Ginseng adaptogenic herb
  • Rhodiola adaptogenic herb
  • L Theanine (amino acid in green tea) calming with increased focus
  • Phosphatidylserine brain food

Orthomolecular Vitamin D3 – Adult dose is 1000 IU per day in the summer, increase to 2000 IU per day in the winter

Douglas Labs Calcium Citrate – Adult dose is 500 mg two times per day

Douglas Labs Magnesium Glycinate – Adult dose is 400 to 800 mg per day. Side effect is diarrhea. Diarrhea does not occur as much with magnesium glycinate as it does with other magnesiums, as it is better absorbed. Magnesium Oxide is not well absorbed and is more likely to cause diarrhea at smaller doses.

Mary on the Radio, June 2011

Health Benefits of Tea: Black, Oolong, Green

Black, oolong and green tea all come from the same plant, camellia sinensis, but are processed differently.

Green tea is not fermented. It is steamed which kills the enzyme that would cause fermentation, then it is dried.

Oolong tea is processed like black tea but not allowed to ferment as long.

Black tea is wilted (dried) then rolled to release the enzyme which causes fermentation changes the chemical structure of the leaf leading to it’s characteristic tea flavor. The leaves are then fired or heated to stop the fermentation. The longer the fermentation the stronger the tea.

Health benefits have primarily been looked at with green tea in Asian studies. We are learning that black tea may be just as beneficial. Some sources say because of the fermentation process there is less antioxidant activity in black tea.

Green tea benefits from Japanese studies ~ Dose 1-10 cups per day:

  • Longevity
  • Improved Memory
  • Weight control due to increased metabolism of fat, decreased fat absorption and feeling satiety and fullness
  • Cholesterol, increases good cholesterol (HDL) decreases bad cholesterol (LDL)
  • Decreases blood sugar
  • Heart disease prevention Asian Paradox
  • Decreases Blood pressure
  • Decreases cognitive impairment
  • Increases bone mineral density
  • Prevents tooth decay

Black tea:

  • Decreases cortisol 20 percent after drinking 4 cups/day for one month
  • Aids in digestion (tannins)
  • Less caffeine than coffee 30 to 40 mg vs 80 to 135 mg

L Theanine found in tea, mixed reviews if more is in green tea causes relaxation without drowsiness and increased mental alertness. In pill form has been used for anxiety, ADD, ADHD, and restless leg syndrome.

My preferred company is Douglas Labs and can be found at HealthyVitality. Dose Begin with 100 mg 2-3 times per day. Maintenance dose is 100-200 mg 2 to 4 times per day.

Mary on the Radio, April 2011

Coffee Lovers, Rejoice!

Swedish Study with 35,000 women age 49 to 83 over 10 years: Those that drank more than one cup of coffee per day were 22-25 percent less likely to suffer from stroke than those who drank less. No cause-and-effect reason has been established. It is thought coffee can reduce inflammation and cell damage that can lead to stoke.

Coffee promotes blood vessel health! A Greek study with 435 individuals with high blood pressure, age 65 to 100, showed those that drank 1-2 cups of coffee per day had healthier blood vessels and lower prevalence of diabetes, high cholesterol, body mass index and cardiovascular disease. This study looked at longevity and found coffee promoted longevity.

More evidence: Coffee may slow liver disease! Coffee may help slow the progression of fibrosis in fatty liver disease. Of the individuals with Hepatitis C who had failed treatment, those who drank the most coffee did better with retreatment. Other health benefits of coffee include:

  • Decreased prevalence of Parkinson’s disease, Type 2 Diabetes, and Dementia in coffee drinkers vs non-coffee drinkers
  • Decreased heart rhythm disturbances which can lead to heart attack, stroke in men and women
  • Increased mental alertness and focus
  • Finland and Swedish study, over 20 years, with 3-5 cups of coffee per day, 65 percent were less likely to develop dementia and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Decreased liver cancer and liver cirrhosis
  • Coffee is a bronchodilator and opens up your breathing tubes
  • Helpful for headaches
  • Japanese study, ½ risk of colon cancer
  • Improves athletic performance

The studies do not show cause-and-effect (reasons why coffee helps).

Coffee has strong antioxidant activity, contains magnesium and chromium. It encourages the flow of bile from the gallbladder and increases the activity of the liver which helps with detoxification. Side effects of coffee include:

  • Anxiety
  • Addiction
  • Dehydration
  • Fatigue
  • Can raise blood pressure
  • Insomnia
  • Irregular heart rate

Recommendation: If you are a coffee drinker. Enjoy! Remember: moderation is key. If coffee adversely affects you don’t do it.

Mary on the Radio, March 2011

American Heart Disease Guidelines for Heart Disease in Women 2011

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in women. Every minute a woman dies due to cardiovascular disease, 422,000 deaths a year; more than cancer, respiratory disease, Alzheimer’s and accidents combined. ~Gregg Fonarow director of Ahmanson-UCLA Cardiomyopathy Center at the School of Medicine at UCLA.

  • Quit smoking
  • Exercise – moderate exercise = 150 minutes per week; Vigorous exercise 75 minutes per week
  • Maintain healthy body weight
  • Diet fruits, vegetables, high fiber with food and supplement, oily fish at least 2 times per week; avoid trans fatty acids, limit sugar and saturated fats
  • Omega 3 fatty acids in fish or capsule

Risk factors: age, gender, family history
Risk factors you can control:

  • Smoking
  • High Cholesterol
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Physical Inactivity
  • Overweight/Obese
  • Metabolic Syndrome = 3 or more of the following: Elevated triglycerides, low level HDL, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, central obesity (weight gain in your middle)
  • Stress
  • High levels of CRP, an inflammation indicator treatment is statin drug, aspirin

High Cholesterol

  • Total Cholesterol general guidelines are less than 200
  • LDL (lousy) cholesterol less than 130; diabetes less than 100; heart disease less than 70
  • HDL (helpful) cholesterol women greater than 50; men greater than 45
  • Triglycerides less than 130
  • Ratio of total cholesterol to HDL less than 4
  • Ratio of triglycerides to HDL greater than 3 = Insulin Resistance = increased risk for diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, fatty liver disease (cirrhosis)


  • Eat a protein breakfast within one hour after getting up and BEFORE coffee. Whey protein shakes, chicken and eggs are great! No cereal, oatmeal or yogurt. Protein at each meal with lots of veggies. See the 5 E’s on my website for egg frittata recipe and diet plan.
  • Protein diet will decrease triglycerides, LDL cholesterol and increase HDL cholesterol
  • Eat cheese and eggs. Enjoy!


  • Daily! This will increase your HDL. Unless you are exercising 1 to 1½ hours, vigorously, per day you will not lose weight. Exercise is good for your brain, heart, lungs, joints, muscles, bowels and helps balance your hormones. Just do it!


  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids Buyer Beware! Recommended dose is 1000-2000 mg per day of EPA + DHA. Read the label. This does not mean EPA + DHA and other Omega 3s. EPA and DHA will reduce triglycerides. Orthomolecular Orthomega.
  • CoQ10 100 mg per day. This feeds the heart muscle and all muscles. If you are taking a statin drug (cholesterol medication) this is mandatory as they reduce the CoQ10 in the body. Suggested product by Orthomolecular.
  • Plant Sterols 2 gm per day in supplement form not in orange juice (lots of sugar) or margarine (eat butter). Plant sterols are found in nuts. Eat nuts! This will reduce LDL cholesterol
  • Red Yeast 1200 mg 2 times per day. This will reduce LDL cholesterol. I recommend pharmaceutical grade Red Yeast.
  • Magnesium Glycinate 400 to 800 mg per day. Side effect is diarrhea, reduce dose. Can increase HDL, blood vessel relaxation, maintains normal rhythm of heart. Magnesium oxide is not well absorbed = increased side effect of diarrhea.
  • Niacin – begin with 500 mg per day and gradually increase to 2000 mg per day or treatment goal. Side effect hot flashes. Prevention of side effect aspirin one hour before taking and/or take with applesauce

For Pharmaceutical grade supplements:

  • Statin drugs for high LDL Lipitor, Crestor, Zocor, Lovastatin, Simvastatin; Side Effect muscle pain take CoQ10 100 mg
  • Lopid and Tricor for high triglycerides
  • Niaspan for low HDL

Mary on the Radio, February 2011

SAD: Seasonal Affective Disorder


  • Sleeping more
  • Lacking motivation – fatigue
  • Craving carbohydrates
  • Depressing thoughts/feelings: guilt, decreased self-esteem, sadness
  • Withdrawing socially, irritable, complaining with a cause
  • Anxiety
  • Loss of libido
  • Mood changes: increased activity in spring and fall; depression in winter


  • Imbalances in neurotransmitters: serotonin and melatonin
  • Genetics
  • Stress


  • Phototherapy – Exposure to full spectrum lighting for 1-2 hours per day with minimum dose 2,500 lux. One study used 10,000 lux for 40 minutes: Better than 20 minutes; not much greater improvement with 60 minutes.
  • Anti-depressants – Wellbutrin (dopamine) for fatigue, side effect road rage; Prozac, Zoloft (Serotonin) for worry, insomnia, side effect emotionally flat.
  • Tyrosine for energy increases dopamine; begin with 500 mg two times per day, may increase up to 1000 mg three times per day; side effect is too much energy, road rage.
  • 5HTP precursor to serotonin; 100 mg two times per day, may increase to 200 mg two times per day. Up to 300 mg can be taken at night to help you sleep.
  • Relora blocks cortisol (the stress hormone). Helps with feelings of wired/tired. Dose is 500 mg, 1-2 per day, side effects may have initial drowsiness but will resolve.
  • Vitamin D3 2000 IU per day during the winter months. I use higher doses but you have to have a lab test to determine the appropriate dose.
  • Omega 3s EPA + DHA = 1000 to 2000 mg per day. Buyer Beware make sure to read the label to determine the amount of EPA + DHA. If it says EPA + DHA + other omega 3s, do not buy as you have no idea how much EPA + DHA you are getting.
  • Phosphatidylserine 200 to 300 mg per day for depression and memory improvement. It is a brain phospholipid which makes up part of the brain mass, improves neurotransmitter release, cell-to-cell communication and cortisol release. Precursor to acetylcholine, a brain neurotransmitter.
  • Melatonin Take no more than 1 mg in the late afternoon. Interesting study showed using this to balance the circadian rhythm with people who failed with phototherapy.
  • Tan with UVB light, just a little, do not burn.
  • Get out of the house and socialize.
  • Be creative: Just do it! Make prayer shawls and give them to those in need or donate to a church. Google prayer shawl for the pattern or purchase a book of prayer shawl patterns.
  • Go to bed at 10 pm and get up at 6 am.
  • Exercise outside – walk, cross country ski, snowshoe, run, go sledding and walk up the hill.
  • Eat healthy – Protein for breakfast before coffee; protein at each meal with lots of veggies, and minimal carbohydrates.
  • Honor the season – Animals hibernate in the winter. In days of old, people went to bed when the sun went down and got up when the sun came up. Seasonally this is a time of going within, reflection, rest, considering what seeds you would like to plant in the spring. This may be the time, when you have the time, to reflect on and grieve the losses of the past year. Get extra rest, eat healthy food, get outside in the fresh air, reflect and contemplate life.

For pharmaceutical grade supplements, go to

Read: The Edge Effect ~ Reverse or Prevent Alzheimer’s, Aging, Memory Loss, Weight Gain, Sexual Dysfunction and More by Eric R. Braverman, MD.

Mary on the Radio, January 2011

Heartburn Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease ~ GERD

Prevalence of GERD and Heartburn in the United States

  • 60 million Americans have heartburn once per week
  • Adults: Up to 20 percent have GERD
  • Children ages 3 – 17: 10 percent have GERD


  • Alcohol use
  • Overweight
  • Pregnancy
  • Smoking
  • Eating large meals
  • Eating before bedtime
  • Hiatal hernia
  • Foods associated with reflux include citrus fruits, chocolate, caffeine, fatty and fried foods, garlic and onions, mint, spicy foods, tomato-based foods

Lifestyle Changes

Eat smaller meals, eat before drinking coffee, caffeinated drinks and alcohol; pay attention to foods that cause problem and eliminate them from your diet; chew each bite 23 times, stop smoking, lose weight, don’t eat 2-3 hours before bed, raise the head of your bed, peppermint can cause problems in some people, refined carbohydrates.

Herbs and Supplements

  • Digestive Enzymes Ortho Digestzyme by Ortho Molecular Products
  • Betaine HCl Betaine HCL by Physiologics
  • Betaine HCl Challenge – Take one pill before each meal, if burning occurs you have too much acid, if you feel slightly better take two pills before each meal. You may take up to seven pills before each meal to increase digestive power. Do not use if you are on a proton pump inhibitor or you have a gastric ulcer.
  • Melatonin/5 HTP/B Complex – Take Orthobiotic by Orthomolecular Products contains the most studied probiotic (lactobacillus, bifidobacterium and saccharomyces). Take one per day.

Weaning off Proton Pump Inhibitors

Take Ortho Biotic and Ortho Digestzyme for one month. Make changes in your diet. Eat a protein breakfast within one hour after getting up andbefore coffee; protein at each meal with lots of veggies. Remove white sugar, white flour from the diet.

After one month, begin to wean off medication, begin Betaine the week you start Zantac. The dosage of Betaine HCl is one capsule before each meal, increased as needed, with a maximum of four pills before each meal.

Every 1-2 weeks make a change, if symptoms begin go slower.

  • Proton Pump Inhibitor take ½ dose
  • Zantac 300 mg two times per day
  • Zantac 150 mg in am, 300 mg at night
  • Zantac 150 mg two times per day
  • Zantac 75 mg in am, 150 mg at night
  • Zantac 75 mg two times per day
  • Zantac 75 mg at night
  • Stop

Continue with digestive enzymes, probiotic, Betaine HCl and dietary changes.

Mary on the Radio, December 2010

Adrenal Fatigue

Your adrenal glands help your body adapt to stress. “Your resiliency, energy, endurance and your very life all depend on their proper functioning” ~ James L. Wilson from Adrenal Fatigue The 21st Century Stress Syndrome.

The adrenal glands secrete cortisol which has an effect on your bones, immune system, pituitary, and thyroid gland. It affects how you react to stress, balances blood sugar, controls weight, helps you sleep, improves your mood, and influences DHEA, estrogen and testosterone. It reduces inflammation.

In balance, life is good. Out of balance can mean over production or underproduction of cortisol.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Fatigue
  • Hard to get up in the morning
  • Salt cravings
  • Lethargy
  • Takes extra effort to do activities, decreased productivity
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Decreased ability to handle stress, people are more irritating
  • Light-headed when standing too quickly
  • Takes longer to recover from illness or injury
  • Mild depression
  • No joy
  • Increased PMS
  • Fuzzy thinking, memory loss
  • Don’t get going until around 10 am, mid-afternoon slump, feel better after dinner

Saliva testing ~ Evaluated four times during the day: higher in am and lower at night is normal. Flat line = increased risk for heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

  • 8 am adrenal recovery
  • 11 am reaction to stress
  • 3 pm response to food
  • 8 pm adrenal reserve


  • Sleep
  • Protein breakfast as soon as you get up, before coffee
  • Protein at each meal, cut back on carohydrates, lots of veggies/fruit with meals
  • Cut back on coffee
  • AdreneVive supplement every morning, second dose at 1 pm if needed; Relora two times per day. See Healthy Vitality.
  • Assess your life for your greatest stressor – start to set boundaries, take time for yourself, make a list of positive aspects about your greatest stressor (one per day).
  • Exercise five minutes per day – walk, dance, swim, run, just begin!

Mary on the Radio, October 2010

Brain Health - Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)

Mild Cognitive Impairment

  • Impaired executive functioning: planning, flexibility, abstract thinking, rules, initiating appropriate action, inhibiting inappropriate action, setting goals, appointments, checkbook, paying bills
  • Forgetting recent events or conversations, difficulty multi tasking, taking longer to perform difficult mental activities

Alzheimer’s Disease

  • 1-2 percent older adults develop dementia every year
  • MCI 6-15 percent may develop dementia

Risk Factors

  • Diabetes increases insulin resistance risk factor for Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Smoking
  • Depression
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Lack of physical exercise
  • Infrequent participation in mentally stimulating activities
  • Low Vitamin D, low B Vitaminds, low Omega 3 Fatty Acid intake
  • Stress
  • Low social interaction

Lifestyle Changes

  • Treat Diabetes, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure
  • Exercise
  • Eat less, decrease caloric consumption by 20 percent
  • Protein breakfast within one hour after getting up and BEFORE coffee
  • Eat blueberries and strawberries
  • Study coffee slashes risk of Alzheimer’s Disease, improves mental function
  • Decrease stress stress impairs memory, reduces mental well being, affects digestive tract, and affective cardiovascular health, increases cortisol levels
  • Join a group, volunteer, learn something new
  • Treat adrenal fatigue diet, exercise, define greatest stressor in your life and do something about it, supplements

Supplements - I recommend using pharmaceutical grade supplements from

  • B Complex 50-100 mg per day or Sublingual B12 and Folic Acid
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids 1000-2000 mg EPA + DHA per day (Orthomega)
  • Phosphatidlyserine 200-300 mg per day major phospholipid in the brain, basic structure of cell membrane, affects neurotransmitters: acetylcholine, norepinephrine, serotonin, dopamine. Study significant improvement in early dementia and age related cognitive decline
  • Vitamin D3 2000 IU per day or higher doses with lab test
  • Relora 500 mg per day; decreases cortisol ~ decreases depression, anxiety, irritability, emotional ups and downs, concentration difficulties and restlessness. Promotes relaxation and better sleep.

Mary on the Radio, August 2010

Healthy Immune System

Vitamin D3 take 2000 IU per day. See my article below on the many benefits of Vitamin D. For higher doses have your lab checked 25(OH) Vitamin D. Normal levels are between 60 and 100. Vitamin D is metabolized in your body from sun exposure. If you use sunscreen as low as 8, there is no Vitamin D made. Food has very little vitamin D, you need to supplement.

Echinacea builds up the immune system. Take it two times per day for 8 weeks. Stop for 2 weeks. You may do another 8 week course if needed. If you have an autoimmune disease do not use Echinacea. These include Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, MS, Type I Diabetes, Connective Tissue Disorders, Celiac Disease.

Vitamin C 1000-2000 mg per day, can increase dose if starting to feel ill.

Probiotics A healthy gut helps keep the immune system healthy. I suggest Orthomolecular Orthobiotic at; take one per day.

Omega 3s decrease inflammation and promote a healthy immune system. Dosing is at least 1000 mg of EPA + DHA or more.

Neti Pot for sinus cleaning. This is a saltwater solution up the nose, not a mist. This can be a little traumatic when first starting. It cleans out sinuses and helps reduce allergies and sinus infections. Start with two times per day and increase up to 4 times per day if you start to get sick. Use 1/4 to 1/8 teaspoon salt to 1 cup warm water; ½ half up one nostril, the other half for the other nostril. If your nasal mucosa starts to dry and you get bloody discharge, sniff olive oil for nasal mucosa healing.

White flour/sugar products and stress decrease the immune system. Be Healthy!

For the pharmaceutical grade supplements I use see

Mary on the Radio, July 2010

Hormonal Symphony

If your hormonal symphony is playing in tune, you feel fabulous. If your hormones are not balanced (playing out of tune), you will experience symptoms* ~ Pam Wartian Smith MD, MPH
Metabolic/Anti-Aging Medicine looking at the metabolism of the body and how it works, using an individualized approach to treatment

Hormones Estrogens: Estriol, Estrone, Estradiol; Progesterone; Testosterone; DHEA; Melatonin; Cortisol; Vitamin D; Thyroid; Insulin; Neurotransmitters: dopamine, serotonin, GABA. Healthy Gut – probiotics and mixed fiber.

Evaluation – blood and saliva testing, history and physical. Treatment includes medications, herbs and supplements, diet, exercise and stress reduction.

  • Estrogens Estriol, Estrone, Estradiol 400 functions in the body. Men also have estrogen which is increased with the metabolic syndrome. This leads to a decrease in testosterone
  • Progesterone Balances estrogen, calming PMS, sleep, menstrual migraines
  • Testosterone Energy, memory, libido, well being, emotions, muscle tone
  • DHEA converted to estrogen and testosterone energy, libido, muscle mass, memory, insulin
  • Cortisol controls weights, affects stress response, improves mood. What is your biggest stressor?
  • Insulin blood sugar stabilization, role in serotonin production. Excess increased aging, breast/colon cancer, heart disease, HTN, insomnia, migraines, osteoporosis, weight gain
  • Thyroid energy, digestion, skin, bowels, weight, muscle mass. Do not take iodine or thyroid supplements without first checking your labs as this can lead to hyperthyroidism atrial fib (heart), osteoporosis, bulging eyes, and skin problems.
  • Melatonin Sleep, immune function, breast cancer. Excess fatigue, depression, ↓serotonin→ ↑carb cravings
  • Vitamin D affects your whole body.
  • Healthy Gut probiotics, mixed fiber
  • Neurotransmitters dopamine, serotonin, GABA

*What You Must Know About Women’s Hormones ~ Your Guide to Natural Hormone Treatments for PMS, Menopause, Osteoporosis, PCOS, and More


See for appropriate herbs and supplements in affordable, pharmaceutical grade quality.

Mary on the Radio, June 2010

Vitamin D ~ The Sunshine Vitamin

There are Vitamin D receptors in every cell of your body. Thus if your vitamin d levels are low, this can have a profound effect on your health in a multitude of ways.

Vitamin D is formed in our body by a complex series of chemical reactions which begins when the sun hits your skin sans sun screen. We can also start this chemical reaction in the tanner with UVB light. Supplements are also effective for replacing Vitamin D.

Effect on the body:

  • Osteoporosis
  • Cancer breast, colon, melanoma, lymphoma, prostate, ovarian
  • Diabetes, Heart Disease, High blood pressure
  • Autoimmune Diseases MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Irritable Bowel Disease
  • Elderly Falls, Dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Psoriasis
  • Depression
  • Immune System

Lab Test 25 (OH) Vitamin D

Supplements Take D3 2000 IU per day for adults

Sun 20 minutes 3-4 times per week without sunscreen


See for the appropriate Vitamin D supplement in affordable, pharmaceutical grade quality.

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  • Osteoporosis: Decreased bone density with a bone density greater than -2.5
  • Osteopenia: Small bone cells

Who should get a bone density test - Women and men over age 65 or younger if you have risk factors for osteoporosis

Diet increased protein, fewer carbohydrates ~ begin with a protein breakfast within one hour after getting up before any caffeine

Exercise Running, swimming, biking, walking, dancing 6 days per week; weight lifting 2 days per week; stretching daily, yoga and tai chi are very beneficial


  • Calcium citrate: 500 mg two times per day
  • Vitamin D3: 1000 to 2000 IU per day, sunbathing without sunscreen 20 minutes 3-4 times per week
  • Vitamin K2: 45 -100 mcg per day
  • Vitamin C: 1000 mg

Fact Brussels sprouts and red peppers contain more Vitamin C than an orange ~ EAT YOUR BRUSSELs SPROUTS!

Fact Cheese contains Vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 pulls calcium out of the blood vessels and deposits it in the bone leading to reduced risk of heart disease and osteoporosis. Also decreases risk of developing and reoccurrence rate of cancer. Enjoy!

Medications Biphosphanates should be taken with Calcium and Vitamin D

FRAX Questionnaire - Evaluates your risk for osteoporosis at FRAX


See HealthyVitality for the above supplements in pharmaceutical grade quality.

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Vascular Health and Longevity

The vascular system (blood vessels) has a finite number of ways to respond to an infinite number of insults. ~ Mark Houston MD
Caloric Restriction by 20 percent

  • 200 pounds takes 2000 calories to maintain, cut back 20 percent
  • Nothing to eat after 7 pm
  • Dish up your plate and put some back
  • Use smaller plates
  • Drink water

Increase Exercise by 20 percent

Fast 12 hours, 3 – 4 times per week from 6 pm to 6 am


  • Resveratrol: Use trans versus cis. 250 to 300 mg per day. Quercetin increases activity of Resveratrol. Actions: protects DNA, antioxidant, helps protect against diabetes, cancer, elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure and can reduce CRP. Will promote healthy weight and healthy organs. Must drink 100 liter of wine to get daily dose.
  • Probiotic (Ortho Biotic by Orthomolecular products): For a healthy gut
  • Omega 3s: Minimum dose 1000 mg of combined EPA + DHA

Awesome Foursome ~ Stephen Sinatra MD, Heart, Fibromyalgia, Athletes

  • Ribose 5 gram per day increases available energy in cells
  • Magnesium Glycinate 400 – 600 mg per day involved in the production of ATP one of the body’s main energy sources; Side effect – diarrhea
  • Co Q 10 100 mg per day sparks energy in cells
  • L- Carnitine 500-1000 mg per day brings fatty acids to muscle to use as fuel


See HealthyVitality for the above supplements in pharmaceutical grade quality.

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GAD ~ Generalized Anxiety Disorder


  • Racing heart/Palpitations
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest pain
  • Excessive sweating
  • Feeling of a lump in the throat
  • Numbness or feeling of pins and needles in the extremities
  • Stomach discomfort
  • Trembling
  • Heartburn
  • Indigestion
  • Dry mouth
  • Headaches
  • Jaw pain
  • High sensitivity to light, sound, smell and touch
  • Muscle tension
  • Insomnia
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome


  • Genetics
  • Brain Chemistry
  • Environmental


Cut out white flour and sugar products, including pop, regular and diet. Eat breakfast before coffee to stabilize your blood sugar, eat 3 meals per day.


Exercise releases anxiety; Yoga, Tai Chi

Herbs and Supplements

L Theanine – is a unique amino acid found in green tea. Green tea has traditionally been used for centuries to promote relaxation. In recent times L-Theanine has been studied for its use in causing relaxation without drowsiness. It has also been found to be helpful for mind chatter, brain fog, increasing focus and restless leg syndrome.

Do not take if pregnant or breast feeding.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Recommended dose 1 capsule two times per day HealthyVitality.

Relora- Plex is a blend containing two patent pending herbal extracts, specifically designed to support normal mental functioning during stress and anxiety. In a human study, 82% of the participants taking Relora agreed with the statement: Relora helps control irritability, emotional ups and downs, restlessness, tense muscles, poor sleep, fatigue and concentration difficulties. It is non-sedating although 74% had more restful sleep. Another human trial noted the effect Relora had on DHEA and cortisol levels in patients under mild to moderate stress. Stress can lower DHEA and increase levels of cortisol. After two weeks on Relora DHEA was increased by 22% and cortisol was decreased by 37% per saliva testing.

Cortisol is a hormone produced by the adrenal gland and plays an important role in the body’s regulation of cardiovascular function and fat, protein and carbohydrate utilization. When the body experiences stress, cortisol secretion increases, leading to higher glucose levels in the body. Prolonged elevated secretion of cortisol can have detrimental effects on the proper functioning of the body’s cardiovascular, immune, neurological and metabolic system.

Relora helps reduce cortisol, reduce cravings, is a GABA agonist which reduces anxiety, improves serotonin transport which reduces depression, and is none sedating.

Recommended Dose 1 capsule 2 times per day Healthy Vitality.

Valerian Officinalis 200-250 mg three times per day; insomnia 450-900 mg at bedtime

Chamomile Tea

Kava- occasional use only, do not use if drinking alcohol or if you have liver disease Chamomile Tea

Bach Rescue Remedy 4 drops under your tongue, hold in your mouth as long as you can, then swallow; may repeat in 20 minutes if needed


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Change thought patterns


Medications ~ Consult your Primary Health Care Provider

Mary on the Radio, February 2010


Signs & Symptoms ~

  • Loss of interest or pleasure
  • No motivation
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Anxiety
  • Diminished ability to think or concentrate
  • Can’t make a decision
  • Guilt
  • Vague aches and pains, headache, fatigue, sleep problems, back ache, bowel problems

Causes ~ Chemical Imbalance, Environmental, Stress overload

Medications ~ Do not stop your medication. Before considering stopping your medication you need to have a healthy diet, exercise on a regular basis, sleep well, and have a reason to get up in the morning.

Counseling ~ Spiritual Direction ~ Joann Fury 989.732.0450

Treatment ~

    • Diet ~ Protein breakfast within one hour after getting up before your coffee. Cereal, oatmeal, yogurt and fruit alone will increase depression, anxiety and weight. I suggest a whey protein powder drink. I use Smart Protein, which is a pure medicine food, from Healthy Vitality
    • Exercise ~ Begin with five minutes per day. Dance to one song. Gradually increase your time. Multi task when exercising by planning your day, working through a problem, planning a vacation or holiday, pray
    • Herbs and Supplements
  • St John’s Wort ~ Mild to moderate depression, do not combine with any medications
  • 5HTP ~ precursor to serotonin, cuts down on worry, improves sleep. Beginning dose 100 mg two times per day; may increase dose at bedtime to help with sleep. See Healthy Vitality for Pharmaceutical grade supplement.
  • Tyrosine ~ increases dopamine leading to increased energy. Beginning dose is 500 mg, may increase up to 1000 mg three times per day. Side effect is over stimulation.
  • B Complex 50 to 100 mg per day. This will turn your urine bright yellow. See Healthy Vitality for pharmaceutical grade supplements.
  • Multi Vitamin ~ I like Pro Bono which covers the multi vitamin and bone health. See Healthy Vitality.

Suggested Activities ~

  • Journal
  • Get a pet
  • Cry
  • Volunteer or stop volunteering
  • Be creative
  • Ask, Where do I go from here?; not Why me?

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. ~Albert Einstein

Mary on the Radio, January 2010

Change/Enlightenment/Enjoy Life/Weight Release/B Complex
Encourage Change ~ Why do you want to change your life. It is all about choice, day after day after day. It is finding the reason that is meaningful to you and writing it down every day. In order to add something to your life you must release something. I suggest looking at the activities and relationships in your life and beginning to release some of the one way activities and relationships so you have time to make changes in your life.

Reason for change? I will release what one-way activity or relationship from my life?

Enlighten Yourself ~ Without inner peace you will fill the empty hole with your feeling stuffer. A feeling stuffer is anything or activity that shuts you down ~ food, smoking, drinking, drugs, shopping, sex, work. A daily spiritual ritual will begin to fill you up with peace and you will not need the feeling stuffer.

Meditate/pray daily; What is your spiritual reading/positive thought for the day?

Enjoy Life ~ Do what you love every day for at least 20 minutes. What do you enjoy?

Weight Release Program at my office in the Medical Office Building at Otsego Memorial Hospital 989.731.7870. I will be using the Five E’s to Weight Release.

Establish as a new patient unless you have been seen in the Internal Medicine Department at Otsego Memorial Hospital or are a patient of mine. Monthly visits may be billed to insurance if you have medical diagnoses. Cash pay is $62.

B Complex ~ Ortho B Complex at Healthy Vitality

  • Take 1-2 capsules per day.
  • Normal side-effect is fluorescent yellow urine.
  • Nausea is also a side-effect. If this occurs, take it in the middle of a meal. If it continues, stop taking it.
  • Effects are energy, cervical health, methylation of hormones, brain chemistry balance.

Mary on the Radio, December 2009

5 Es to Holiday Joy ~ December 2009

Merry Christmas! Let the season begin! Are you feeling joyful as the holiday season begins? Are you feeling stressed? I would like you to take some time to consider using the 5 E’s to bring joy to your holidays.

Encourage Change: How do you want your holidays to be this year? What do you really, really, really want to do? Who do you really, really, really want to spend time with? Making changes in your life can be difficult. To disappoint another because you are doing what is right for yourself can be very anxiety-provoking. To be called selfish can bring any good woman to her knees. I would like you to consider the word “self preservation” and substitute it when you feel you are being selfish.

Self Preservation
Do unto yourself as you have always done unto another.
I want you to write down your goal for the holiday season. Then write down why you want to do that which is on your list. Many times our reason for change comes from what we don’t want or can’t do anymore. To sustain a change in life, you need to have a good reason. Write your goal and reason on paper so you remember why you are making this change.

Enlighten Yourself: Where can you find peace during this holiday season? Light a candle, say a prayer, meditate, read a passage from the Bible or a spiritual book. Be in the present moment. Breathe! Say Thank you! Do this every day!

If the only prayer you say in your whole life is Thank You,
that would suffice. ~ Meister Eckhart
Enjoy Life: Take some moments to indulge in your senses during the holiday season. What fills your senses during Christmas?

What do you see that fills your heart with joy? Stop. Fill your vision with that which you love. Feel your heart expand with love. Ahhhhh.

What is your favorite smell of the season? Sit with this smell, close your eyes and breathe in this scent. Peace and joy.

What is your favorite sound of the season? Fill your soul with the sounds of the season. Let yourself be with the joy of what you love to hear.

What can you feel during this season that will fill your heart and soul? One suggestion is to rest your body. Put your feet up or lie down and breathe. Honor your poor body and the fatigue it is feeling. Feel your shoulders and lower back relax. You may even feel a little tingle as your body revels in the feeling of tranquility. Breathe, relax, and let your body be at peace.

What is your favorite taste of the season? I want you to consider indulging in this taste. To indulge your sense of taste, sit down in a peaceful atmosphere with your indulgence of choice. Place your indulgence on a pretty plate. You may want to light a candle and place a pretty holiday napkin on your lap. Take a deep breath in and out and then take a bite of your indulgence. Chew slowly. Revel in the taste of this marvelous food.

Exercise Daily: Exercise is a great stress reducer and a wonderful time to multitask. I suggest a minimum of a ten minute walk every day. You can use this time to organize your life, work out a problem, send prayers to your loved ones, release an annoyance with another, clear your head of the clutter or plan the holiday season. Begin today!

Eat Healthy: Eat a protein breakfast within one hour after getting up and before your coffee, which will balance your blood sugar. Eat protein and veggies for lunch and dinner. If you want sugar, eat it with your meal. This will help stabilize your blood sugar and prevent sugar cravings when your blood sugar crashes. Eat before a party and before you drink alcohol for blood sugar stabilization.

Herbs and supplements to help reduce stress include:

Bach Rescue Remedy ~ For relaxation place four drops under your tongue, hold it in your mouth, and then swallow. Repeat every twenty minutes as needed. This is in alcohol. I strongly believe it is not the four drops of alcohol but the remedy itself that reduces the feeling of stress.
Lavender Essential Oil ~ For relaxation rub one drop under your nose and breathe…
L- Theanine ~ 100 mg two times per day helps reduce mind chatter and increase focus.
Relora ~ One pill two times per day will reduce anxiety and food cravings.
B Complex ~ Helps increase energy.

I am currently working on a Master’s Degree in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine through the College of Medicine at the University of South Florida. I am only recommending pharmaceutical-grade herbs and supplements from companies my professors have researched. To obtain pharmaceutical-grade L-Theanine, Relora, and B Complex go to Healthy Vitality.

Mary on the Radio, November 2009, Part I
Mary on the Radio, November 2009, Part II

Sleep ~ November 2009

Lack of Sleep, Short-Term Effects: Mood changes, impaired memory, fatigue, impaired immune system.

Lack of Sleep, Long-Term Effects: High blood pressure, heart disease, heart failure, obesity and diabetes. There is a 73 percent increase in obesity in those who get 5 hours of sleep compared to those who get 7.9 hours of sleep.

Five Stages of Sleep: Get into the deep sleep REM stage or it is like not sleeping at all!

Integrative Medicine Approaches

Sleep Study: Sleep Apnea ~ CPAP Machine
Saliva Testing: Melatonin ~ Adrenal Fatigue ~ Hormones
Assessment ~ Can’t Fall Asleep, Can’t Stay Asleep, Restless Legs, Night Sweats

Treat the Cause

CPAP Machine
Balance Hormones
Treat Adrenal Fatigue
Herbs and Supplements

Can’t get to sleep? Relora one to two times per day; GABA; Cortisol; Serotonin ~ non-sedating, decrease cravings ; Natural Zsss; Valerian; Jujube; Pasasionflower; L Theanine.

Can’t stay asleep? Melatonin; Restless Legs ~ L Theanine 100 to 200 mg two to four times per day; Depression ~ 5 HTP 100 mg at bedtime up to three times per day; Lavender Essential Oil, 1 to 2 drops in a hot bath.

All herbs and supplements are pharmaceutical grade and can be obtained through

Diet & Exercise: High carbohydrate diets, caffeine and alcohol cause sleep disturbances; wine can cause hot flashes. Exercise increases serotonin and decreases anxiety. Lifestyle changes can also help: No smoking; no news; bedtime at 10 pm, get up by 6 am; relax; stress reduction.

Tip of the month ~ What you do in your 20s is how you will be in your 50s. What you do in your 50s is how you will be in your 80s.