What Participants Are Saying

“Brilliant, excellent speaker, very knowledgeable with all the materials presented … Also made it very interesting and humorous … very, very funny! Thanks, Mary Seger!”

”Best seminar [I’ve] attended!”

”Excellent! By far the best, most interesting speaker of the sessions for me!”

”Great to have such a good speaker for alternative medicine.”

”Very interesting, well prepared and obviously very knowledgeable on subject.”

”Wonderful presentation! I loved the herbal discussion the best.”

“Great speaker, very energetic. Did a great job explaining complicated processes.” ~ Troy, Michigan

“Mary was an excellent presenter. I would like to know when she is presenting again in this area.” ~ Portland, Maine

“I felt the material was very interesting but made more so by the presenter. She was very easy to listen to, used many examples and scenarios to make things clear. She was very knowledgeable in this area.” ~ North Haven, Connecticut